23 Aug

Jeremy Keith – Building the Web

I really enjoyed this interview with Jeremy Keith on the state of the web, how things have changed in recent years and why he’s a mix of optimistic and nervous for the future.

One thing that caught my attention during the interview more than anything was where Jeremy started discussing how folks think that websites are pretty crummy in general. This reminded me that I cannot count the number of times when someone has said to me “ah, I can’t … Read article

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23 Aug

The state of semantic JSX

Creating platforms for the web has always been as simple as learning to write HTML, throwing in look and feel with some CSS, and then, possibly a bit of JavaScript or any other scripting language for functionality.

However, with the advent of JavaSc...

23 Aug

Promises and Static Values

Async can throw a real wrench into the cogs of our programming workflows, all despite the fact that async is the modern JavaScript pattern. While async/await helps, there’s sometimes confusion about the way to have a single function that returns a value whether it exists or needs a Promise to retrieve. To return an existing […]

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22 Aug

Weekly Platform News: Improving UX on Slow Connections, a Tip for Writing Alt Text and a Polyfill for the HTML loading attribute

In this week's roundup, how to determine a slow connection, what we should put into alt text for images, and a new polyfill for the HTML loading attribute, plus more.

Detecting users on slow connections

Algolia is using the Network Information API (see the API’s Chrome status page) to detect users on slow connections — about 9% of their users — and make the following adjustments to ensure a good user experience:

increase the request timeout when the

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22 Aug

Advice for Technical Writing

In advance of a recent podcast with the incredible technical writer and Smashing Magazine editor-in-chief Rachel Andrew, I gathered up a bunch of thoughts and references on the subject of technical writing. So many smart people have said a lot of smart things over the years that I thought I'd round up some of my favorite advice and sprinkle in my own experiences, as someone who has also done his fair share of technical writing and editing.

There is … Read article

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22 Aug

Rails 5.2.x –> Rails 6 counter_cache Gotcha

I recently upgraded our production app from Rails 5.2.3 to Rails 6.0.0. We wanted access to all the shiny things everyone is talking about. Multiple databases! Better autoloading!

Everything was going great until I noticed one weird behavior where a ...

22 Aug

Navbar Nudging on @keyframers

I got to be the featured guest over on The Keyframers the other day. We looked at a Dribbble shot by Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson and then slowly built it, taking some purposeful detours along the way to discuss various tech.

We start by considering doing it entirely in CSS, then go for some light JavaScript to alter some data attributes as state, then ultimately end up using flipping.

This is where we ended up:

See the Pen Navbar Nudging Read article

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22 Aug

Where in the world do you DEV?

We know that DEV is a global community, so let's show off just how far-reaching it truly is.

TAKE A PICTURE with some of your DEV swag, or even just your laptop, then post it and tell us where the picture was taken!