20 Sep

15 Questions To Ask Your Next Potential Employer

In my book “Experience Required”, I encourage in-house UX professionals to leave companies who refuse to advance their UX intelligence and capability. There are far too many companies these days who understand the value of UX to waste your time being a martyr for one who will only frustrate you. Your best chance of doing a good job is to avoid a bad position. Smartly, during a recent Q&A about the book, an audience member asked how we can avoid taking these jobs in the first place.

20 Sep

React Dev Tools — Debug Like a Ninja

Hands down console.log() was, is and will always be the greatest debugging tool of all time.

React team launched a new version of the React Dev Tools (v4) a few weeks ago and it’s fantabulous. It gives you debugging superpowers to navigate through...

20 Sep

TIL How to Select Merge with Ecto.Query

Here's the scenario: you're working with Elixir and Ecto, and you need to retrieve data from a table plus maybe a field or two from an unassociated table. In the past, whenever I ran into this, I'd spin up something I wasn't totally satisfied with - ma...

20 Sep

Is there a pattern to collaboration?

Is there a pattern to collaboration?

Development is a collaborative sport. But so much of it is an individual's journey through problems. While it is an open secret that more eyes on a piece of code, makes better code, what is it the stops u...

19 Sep

Buddy on CSS-Tricks

Here's a little direct product endorsement for ya: I literally use Buddy for deployment on all my projects.

Buddy isn't just a deployment tool, we'll get to that, but it's something that Buddy does very well and definitely a reason you might look at picking it up yourself if you're looking around for a reliable, high-quality deployment service.

Here's my current setup:

CSS-Tricks is WordPress site. The whole wp-content folder is a private repository on GitHub. The hosting is

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19 Sep

Git Pathspecs and How to Use Them

When I was looking through the documentation of git commands, I noticed that many of them had an option for <pathspec>. I initially thought that this was just a technical way to say “path,” and assumed that it could only accept directories and filenames. After diving into the rabbit hole of documentation, I found that the pathspec option of git commands are capable of so much more.

The pathspec is the mechanism that git uses for limiting the scope … Read article

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19 Sep

Automatically compress images on Pull Requests

Sarah introduced us to GitHub Actions right after it dropped about a year ago. Now they have improved the feature and are touting its CI/CD abilities. Run tests, do deployment, do whatever stuff computers do! It's essentially a YAML file that says run this, then this, then this, etc., with configuration.

GitLab kinda paved the way on this particular feature, although you don't get the machines for free on GitLab, nor does it seems like there is an … Read article

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