15 Aug

American Kingpin: A Software Crime Thriller

I just got done reading American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road and I can't recommend it enough as a purely entertaining book that is very much on-topic for a dev site.

It's a book about the rise and fall of th...

15 Aug

Changelog: Stack Overflow Liquid Tag

We are pleased to introduce the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange liquid tags. These embeds, assembled in native HTML within posts (as opposed to iframe, JavaScript, etc.) are designed for telling better tales about the code we write.

Stack Overflow q...

13 Aug

How open-source will Tumblr become?

In case you hadn't read the news, Verizon sold Tumblr to Automattic. Verizon owned Tumblr after it acquired Yahoo! and Automattic is the company behind WordPress.

The price was around 3m, a remarkable fall from the 1.1 Billion that Yahoo! paid just a ...

02 Aug

Introducing our August 2019 sponsors

This month, we return all three of our wonderful Gold sponsors. Thank you to each of these companies for being a valuable DEV Community partner and supporter.

Please take a few minutes to explore their offerings and consider them for your company or ...

01 Aug

Some of my writing principles

The first sentence, first paragraph are the most important. Don't bury the lede! The next most important thing is the last paragraph, last sentence. Keep middle points well defined, ideally with descriptive headers. Don't try to broaden so it's releva...