22 Apr

Understanding the Confusion Matrix

A confusion matrix is a table that describes the performance of a classifier/classification model. It contains information about the actual and prediction classifications done by the classifier and this information is used to evaluate the performan...

22 Apr

Could Grouping HTML Classes Make Them More Readable?

You can have multiple classes on an HTML element:

<div class="module p-2"></div>

Nothing incorrect or invalid there at all. It has two classes. In CSS, both of these will apply:

.module { }
.p-2 { }
const div = document.querySelector("div");
console.log(div.classList.contains("module")); // true
console.log(div.classList.contains("p-3"));    // false

But what about grouping them? All we have here is a space-separated string. Maybe that's fine. But maybe we can make things more clear!

Years ago, Harry Roberts talked about grouping them. He wrapped … Read article

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22 Apr

When npm tells you you’re hosed

There may be a problem with a package you are using, not npm itself. Sigh. Deep breath. Grunt. Okay - time to wipe the node_modules and start again.

Reasons aside, for now, there are a few commands I seem to run almost daily to try to recover from e...

22 Apr

What is a Framework?

While I was learning Javascript on my own, I began exposing myself to all the resources I could. Using FreeCodeCamp as my guide, I browsed the internet for other supplemental resources to add context to what I was learning. Eventually, I began readin...

22 Apr

Smooth Transactions with TransactionScope

This was originally posted on my blog.

In the real world, we deal with transactions all the time, even though we rarely think of them as such. Things like driving to work or making dinner for the family require a series of things to all go as expect...

22 Apr

So, You Wanna Submit a Proposal to Speak at an Event

You’ve been scouring the web for upcoming events. You’ve subscribed to Developer Avocados and you’ve bookmarked conferences.css-tricks.com. And now you’ve found a call for proposals (CFP) that you can’t wait to enter. You quickly fill out the online form and your pinky races towards the Enter button...

Stop. Take a deep breath. And move slowly away from the keyboard.

As a conference organizer, I’ve gone through hundreds — if not thousands — of speaking proposals. While … Read article

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22 Apr

Design for Non-Designers (Part 1)

Even if you’re not a designer, I’d bet that at some point in your career you’ll need to do something visual, whether it’s making a landing page for your project, designing a form, creating your personal website, or making slides.

So, part one — what...