25 Jun

What tools have you built?

This is sort of a follow up to this post:

Invest in building custom tools Ben Halpern ・ Jun 16 ・ 1 min read


I am curious to what tools people have built that yo...

25 Jun

A Metaphorical Introduction to Functional JavaScript

Functional JavaScript isn't a tool, framework, 3rd-party addon, npm module, or anything else you'd add on. Functional Programming is an approach for writing code, and Functional JavaScript (FJS) is how to use that approach for JavaScript. Like all appr...

25 Jun

How to Write a Good Piece of Code


How to Write a Good Piece of Code


Make Sure Your Code "Can Be Good"

The first and probably most important step to writing a good piece of code is to not code at all.

Have you validated your assumptions? What is t...

25 Jun

What does your Junior interview process involve?

I recently got a lot of questions about what to expect from a junior interview and what I look for. Since I have a very narrow view I wanted to open it up to the community. No need to be overly specific about problems, just a general idea of the sessio...

25 Jun

CSS :focus-within

Using :hover to display additional information or elements is a very useful technique but a big drawback to using the hover pseudo-class is that they are usually not accessibility-friendly. Not everyone uses a mouse and some users have visual impairments, so they rely on screen readers or the keyboard — two functionality that don’t technically […]

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24 Jun

Render Snarky Comments in Comic Sans

Hilarious idea by Zach Leatherman. To test if a comment is "snarky" or not, there is an npm package up to the task.

On this site, we generally just delete snarky comments, but I still run a WordPress plugin that allows me to "feature" or "bury" comments. It's old but it still works fine in the latest WordPress. We use the bury functionality for comments that aren't rude, snarky, or spam, but also don't add much to the post. … Read article

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24 Jun

Why I chose Angular 🔧


I chose Angular because together we make a great team. It provides a fully-fledged platform that takes care of non-functional requirements such as compatibility, maintainability and testability while I focus on the user.