19 Apr

Inclusively Hidden

Scott O'Hara recently published "Inclusively Hidden," a nice walkthrough of the different ways to hide things on the web. Nothing is ever cut and dry when it comes to the web! What complicates this is that hidden begs the question: hidden for whom? Different answers to that have different solutions:

Hidden for everyone? display: none; or visibility: hidden; or the hidden attribute. (But watch out for that hidden attribute, says Monica Dinculescu.) Hidden visually, but present for assistive

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19 Apr

Codecademy x Adafruit Launched Hardware Course

Hello everyone, we recently teamed up with our neighbors at Adafruit and released our first-ever hardware programming course:

✨ Learn Hardware Programming with CircuitPython ✨

CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimenti...

19 Apr

Tabs: It’s Complicated™

I've said before one quick and powerful thing you can learn as a front-end developer just getting starting with JavaScript is changing classes.

const button = document.querySelector(".my-button");
const element = document.querySelector(".content");

button.addEventListener("click", function() { element.classList.toggle("sparkles"); });

We could use that skill to build some tabs, right? Right.

We got this.

Say we have this changing classes ability in our skillset now and we need to build a tabbed interface. If we just add a little more code that deals … Read article

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19 Apr

Making an Emily Dickinson Poetry Bot

Yesterday I published a post about how I used Spell, a machine learning framework that allows you to train your models faster without the pain of dependency management on your machine, to implement a style transfer. I've continued to use Spell, and h...

19 Apr

Why I used Python to unzip a file

So my day has started like this:

I'm ssh'd into a pretty locked down server in a data center.

This server runs an instance of WordPress that I have been tasked with migrating over to wordpress.com.

Picture wordpress.com now: Requires importing wi...

19 Apr

Going Remote: My 5 Expectations

On Monday, I will start a new job as a remote software engineer at Articulate. My only remote working experience to date was in grad school, where my research sponsor organization was around 50 miles from campus. I commuted in every Friday, and spent...

19 Apr

What’s what? – Package.json cheatsheet

This post is taken from my blog, so be sure to check it out for more up-to-date content 😉

Recently I started a series about Node.js and its built-in API. There, as I said, we'll be exploring every single Node.js API in-depth (or at least that's th...