13 Mar

React Fragments

Part of the JSX syntax is that adjacent JSX elements are wrapped in an enclosing tag. That is, a JSX expression must have only one outermost element. Adhering to this rule might mean adding an extra DOM node even when it is not necessary. Thanks to R...

29 Dec

Filter Arrays with the Javascript Filter() Method

Filtering unwanted elements to reduce the size of an array is fun right? JavaScript array filter method makes it even more fun.

In my last blog post, I wrote about the array map method in JavaScript. In case you missed it, this a link to the post. I...

04 Jun

Having a Good Relationship with CSS

"CSS sucks!!", "How can I get better at CSS?", "I get stuck on little CSS issues for a long time". Do any of these expressions describe your view on CSS? If yes, read on as I share my personal tips on how to you can improve your relationship with CS...