18 Jun

Intro to the GraphQL

GraphQl is Query Language For your APIs It helps us to fetch only required resources instead of over fetched and it is Not only limited to the single programming language, an alternative to the Rest.

GraphQL is a Type Specific Language

You can easi...

12 Jun

Html5 and Css3 features

Hello Everyone today I'm showing some new and Old features in Html5 and Css3.

Mark element:The HTML Mark element (mark) helps us to highlight the text in the paragraphs or reference something in your text content.


Meter element: The ...

08 Jun

How to compare arrays in JavaScript?

Comparison of arrays by using forEach method.

This question is most commonly asked in interviews.

There are different ways to achieve these, But I'm showing here one of them.

First array

const arr1= [1,5,6,7,5,6,5,56,11,78,9789,8679,7,10];