23 Mar

Figma Platform was introduced yesterday

Originally I've shared this news to Syndicode blog.

Yesterday I received a letter from Figma team with a great news! Figma Platform was introduced! Figma already lives online, but recently its team announced that it starting off with a new concept f...

13 Mar

Best Bootstrap themes in 2018

Originally I've published this material to Syndicode blog.

Several years ago the agency I work in published a neat article about how to choose a template for your Rails project. Now I'd like to expand the topic with the best Bootstrap themes in 2018...

10 Mar

Bizzare daytime – Syndicode Digest #46

Originally I've shared this material to Syndicode blog.

It happens sometimes that your plans dramatically change. You were going to finish one stuff and begin something else, but suddenly everything goes topsy-turvy. And you find yourself in the Mex...

07 Mar

TOP 10 JavaScript errors to be aware of

Originally, I've shared this article to Syndicode blog.

In this post, you will find the TOP 10 errors JavaScript errors to be aware of. I'm going to show you what causes them and how to prevent them from happening. If you will know these errors and ...

12 Feb

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Week of love.

Originally I've shared this digest to Syndicode blog.

Almost two weeks passed from the last digest about the most interesting and popular JavaScript GitHub repositories. But this doesn’t mean you missed something! I collected everything worth your a...

09 Feb

Mr. Brain Muscle – Syndicode Digest #42

Originally I've posted this digest to Syndicode blog.

Today I devote this digest to the power of controlling your body and brain. If you can work out to gain some muscles, why can’t you work out to train your brain? Drills, exercises, and practice c...