25 May

Stop saying you dont have time!

This week I want to talk about something that I have used for a excuse quite a few times. Before I finally started getting a schedule going. And that is saying the excuse I don’t have time to learn blank. Now between school and work. I don’t have all...

25 May

You Only Get One Chance (most of the time)

You're dying to get out there to interview for that new job. You stumble upon that dream position for that start up with the type of team you've always wanted to work for. Except, one of the requirements is experience with a framework you might onl...

25 May

Why is everyone upgrading their UA and PP?

I have seen notifications on Quora and Reddit suggesting me that they are upgrading their User Agreement and Privacy Policy, why is everyone doing that?

Does it have any bad implications on us users and also what correlation does it have with the de...

25 May

Getting Started with AWS Lambda and Node.js

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a word caught my ear. Lambda. That struck a chord, remembering the good old days of playing Half-Life as a kid. Little did I know what AWS Lambda was, and how incredibly awesome it is. If you're intrigued, stick aro...

25 May

I am a useless, but i want to create a company.

Credit for the img

My intention with this post, is to give a different perspective to those people who want to create an internet company, a large project that helps make life easier for the people or just live on something they are passionate about...

25 May

New Node Modules w/ PowerShell

I've never been much of an OS/Platform purist. For as long as I can remember I have switched between Unix/Windows based systems on a regular basis for various reasons. With that said, I develop primarily on a Windows machine, and most of my projects ...

25 May

Learning Gutenberg: Building Our Custom Card Block

We’ve got some base knowledge, we’ve played with some React and now we’ve got our project tools set up. Let’s dive into building our custom block.

Article Series:

Series Introduction

What is Gutenberg, Anyway?

A Primer with create-guten-block

Modern JavaScript Syntax

React 101

Setting up a Custom webpack

A Custom "Card" Block (This Post)

What we’re building

We’re going to build a custom card block that features an image, a title and a summary. It’s a really common design pattern …

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25 May

Escaping tutorial purgatory as a new developer

For a long time I held off starting my own side projects because of how much I didn’t know how to do.

For every project I could think of, there were several features I had absolutely no idea how to build. I would always ask myself how I could start ...