27 Sep

Building Social: A Case Study On Progressive Enhancement


We talk a lot about progressive enhancement and how it improves backwards compatibility. But how straightforward is it to apply progressive enhancement concepts to a real-life project? When designing a rich interactive experience, it can be difficult to determine what can be implemented purely using HTML and CSS and what absolutely requires JavaScript.

Through this case study on redesigning the Building Social website, we’ll share some simple yet often overlooked front-end techniques that defer the use of JavaScript as much as possible, while providing some neat JavaScript enhancements, too.

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26 Sep

Developing For Virtual Reality: What We Learned


With the tools getting more user-friendly and affordable, virtual reality (VR) development is easier to get involved in than ever before. Our team at Clearbridge Mobile recently jumped on the opportunity to develop immersive VR content for the Samsung Gear VR, using Samsung’s 360 camera.

The result is ClearVR, a mobile application demo that enables users to explore the features, pricing, interiors and exteriors of listed vehicles. Developing this demo project gave us a better understanding of VR development for our future projects, including scaling, stereoscopic display and motion-tracking practices. This article is an introductory guide to developing for VR, with the lessons we learned along the way.

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25 Sep

Software That Writes And Evolves Software

I’ve been quiet lately, largely because I’ve been writing a lot of code. Today, I’m delighted to start talking about some of what we’ve been working on at Atomist. You may have seen Jessica Kerr’s excellent elm-conf presentation on creating and editing Elm projects with Atomist.
23 Sep

A new approach to managing Redux actions

I’ve been using Redux for about one year and enjoyed it for creating a pretty large project. Redux really helped a lot for managing the whole application state with good scalability. However, one problem is, after creating more and more actions/reducers, the actions.js and reducer.
23 Sep

Angular vs React : text analysis of commit messages

Every enthusiastic javascript blogger should write at least one article that compares the front-end frameworks, so do I! But no worries, this article isn’t Nth attempt to describe the pros and cons of the Angular and React, it rather glances at them from an unusual angle by applying the text minin
23 Sep

Twelve Fancy Chrome DevTools Tips

Breakpoints in JavaScript. Inspecting HTML and CSS and updating them live. Profiling performance… That’s right, this week’s post is all about the developer tools in IE8. [What’s that? Really? Are you sure? I see, thank you. Goodbye. No no, that won’t be necessary.]