20 Apr

Canva’s Design Wiki graphic-design tool website

Originally I posted this review on Syndicode blog.

Last year I've made an epic list of 36 useful resources for UI and UX designers. But I have missed one great resource that devoted to colors, their meaning, and combinations. I'm going to fix that m...

20 Apr

NMandelbrot : running arbitrary code on client

As part of my grand plan for map-reduce in JavaScript and zero-install distributed computing, I had to think about how to gain user trust in a security context where we don’t trust the server. I couldn’t come up with a good answer.

Since then, we’ve...

20 Apr

10 essential extensions for VS Code

I've been using Visual Studio Code as my main code editor for more than two years now. I used to work with Sublime Text, which was an amazing software (especially coming from Notepad++), but the guys at Microsoft are constantly doing an amazing job a...

20 Apr

Mentor = Teacher, supervisor, friend

Finally I am done with my Masters degree from Heriot Watt University Dubai (HW). It was one of the wise decision I took on enhancing my technical knowledge. As my bachelors was on Computer Science I was eager to learn more about the core concepts of ...

20 Apr

Setting up a Vue project

Most of my frontend experience was with AngularJS 1.x and not a very updated JavaScript stack. In the last months I started hacking with the new JS frameworks and a I discover a totally new world.

Entering this world requires the knowledge of a few ...

20 Apr

From Python to..

Hi fellows!

It's been a while since I wanted to learn a new language and since I love Python (3.x please), I started to investigate on existing/similar/powerful other languages.

So far I can't choose among these:

go : syntax familiar enough to...

20 Apr

Project Estimations

One of the most difficult challenges in software development is to come up with proper estimations related to a project. In traditional Engineering, you are aware of the steps required to finish a road, building or a bridge. There the estimations sho...

20 Apr

The Couchbase Lite .NET Pipeline

I'm fairly proud of the pipeline I have managed to set up for myself working as the developer of Couchbase Lite .NET. The more automation you can have, the easier your life is and I'm also looking for ways to expand this so if anyone has any suggest...

19 Apr

Animating a 3D creeper’s head in CSS and JS!

I'm currently coding a web application based on the minecraft universe. In my first article on dev.to (it's a honor), I share with you how I built this cool animation with a 3D creeper's head with no libraries, only CSS and vanilla JS.

This tutorial...