23 Jun

Don’t Drink Too Much Reactive Cool Aid

Cross-posting of my blog article.

In the last years, the idea of "reactive server applications" was being promoted heavily, especially by new frameworks. In the Java world, it's been RxJava, vert.x and recently Spring WebFlux.

While generally li...

23 Jun

Arch Linux for Devs

This report is about the experience I've made with Arch Linux as the operating system for a developers workstation. You'll be introduced into the concepts of Arch Linux, followed by a introduction into the main tasks such as package installation and ...

23 Jun

Database testing with Citrus

Database communication is an essential part of many applications, when persistent data storage is required. May it be orders, customer data, product recommendations or product information, if persistent storage is in place, the data contains a certai...

23 Jun

Automated debugging with git

Imagine your're working on a bigger feature in a complex piece of software. Your implementation is complete, all tests in scope turned green and you push your changes for integration testing. Then, some integration tests from a completely different...

23 Jun

Web Maker – From vanilla JS to Preact


I am back with a big Web Maker release. But this time it isn’t about any new functionality or fixes. It’s about something that is not visible to any end-user but affects them equally — the codebase. After 93 commits and adding 17913 new lines,...

22 Jun

Coding Worksheets!

So I struggled a bit with explaining the concept of var flag/count as a way to track the state of an application. So I created a "Kanye Says" coding worksheet to explain the concept of true/false, on/off state in code, by using the example of a light...

22 Jun

Animate Calligraphy with SVG

From time to time at Stackoverflow, the question pops up whether there is an equivalent to the stroke-dashoffset technique for animating the SVG stroke that works for the fill attribute. But upon closer inspection, what the questions are really trying to ask is something like this:

I have something that is sort of a line, but because it has varying brush widths, in SVG it is defined as the fill of a path.

How can this "brush" be animated?

In …

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22 Jun

Let’s create our map method

If you want to take a closer look on how JS works and how we created our own filter function, you can see my earlier post:

Let's create our own filter method in JS ...