20 Aug

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot with Python Flask

The bot-revolution has taken over, and everyone is building a bot. In this post we take you through creating your first bot using Python/Flask. The codebase can be found here on Github.

A lightweight web application needs to be created to complime...

20 Aug

Build your own blog with Hugo and Netlify

This post was originally published on my blog, find original post here.

This post might feel a little redundant as it's being published on dev.to - already a blogging platform so you might ask yourselves: why bother with my own blog? I think there a...

20 Aug

How to build a React.js chat app in 10 minutes

In this article, I’ll show you the easiest way possible to create a chat application using React.js. It’ll be done entirely without server-side code, as we’ll let the Chatkit API handle the back-end.

I’m assuming that you know basic JavaScript an...

20 Aug

How to use multiple versions of Python

My system has 2.7.6 as a default python version and most of my applications runs on that, but one project that I'm working with AWS IoT requires version 2.7.9.

I will show how to run multiple versions of python using pyenv.


$ sudo...

20 Aug

Fail Mail #1: Failing at Git Publicly

Note: This is a repost of my Fail Mail newsletter.

One very scary thing about contributing to open source is failing. If you mess something up it is visible for everyone. That seems to big a big reason why a lot of new developers tend to not contrib...

20 Aug

My first React ‘aha’ moment. Is this an antipattern?

Streaming on twitch my first project that uses react, that is not just following a tutorial or online course, is a little daunting but also exhilarating. A benefit of coding projects in the open is that I can more easily share the lessons I am learni...

20 Aug

Read This Before Starting a Bootcamp

Thinking about learning to code? If you're on the fence, the first thing I'll say to you is just do it. It has truly been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. For one thing, computers are fun. You get to play with things like terminals and...

20 Aug

Implement Chromecast on iOS using Swift

I am going to implement Google’s Chromecast on iOS using Swift. I will be using Google Chromecast 2 device and Xcode 9.4.1.

First let’s read the Google Cast documentation to get familiar with it’s implementation. After getting familiar with the Get ...