17 Mar

Converting an Electron view content to PDF

The Pain! 🤖

Hi Everyone. I was caught up in a situation where I need to make an Electron JS app. I previously never worked on electron js. The major task for me was to convert a view to pdf. Damn! That's what I hate very much. Another major problem ...

17 Mar

Service Workers at Cloudflare

Cover image by Christopher on Flickr

Cloudflare has a new product, called Workers, they allow you to run JavaScript code on the Edge which is basically the outta rim of the Cloud. Cool thing is, it's based on a standard: Service Workers!



17 Mar

Learn Go by writing Tests: Arrays and slices

This is the second post taken from a WIP project called Learn Go by writing Tests the aim of which is to get a familiarity with Go and learn techniques around TDD

The first post got you up to speed with TDD

Arrays and slices

Arrays allow you to st...

17 Mar

How I Became A Web Developer in 4 Months

Just like the title says, I was able to land my first web developer position in only 4 months of studying. Well to be honest maybe a little more than 4 months. It all started back in my junior year of high school. I took my first computer class which...

16 Mar

TIP – Import Vuejs Modules at once.

Hey in this Post We will see how can we add multiple Vuejs modules at once.

We all needed to import modules each time we create one on our modules folder like this (is from a real world project).


import Vue from "vue"; imp...